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The Works Editorial Content

For each issue of MacUser, I write a variety of different content that appears in The Works, the technical section towards the back. This page lists, in issue order, the editorial content that appears there, in two separate columns. On the first page is an editorial piece, which first appeared in volume 20 issue 05, and is available at the MacUser website. On the final two pages, there is a Business section, which first appeared in volume 21 no 23, and is not currently available online.


G5 cooling (vol 20 no 05)
Retrospect & Panther
DHCP ‘vulnerability’, AES crack, internet reliability for info
Internet pains, security, KEXT vulnerabilities
/private/tmp problems, complexity, and duplex printers
Crashing crash reporter
Demise of AppleTalk, arrival of Rendezvous
Tides, freedom of information, hacking Mr Tides
Trojans etc in OS X
Apple Help broken, sub-system repair
Help: hole, workarounds, security control in Apple
Immune system, help: and self-recognition
Dead G5 graphics card, spares availability
Easy DNS, local update server in Tiger
Repaired G5, bytes of storage vs memory and standards for them, why they differ
Dials and instrumentation, Hardware monitor of G5, temperature and control
Single user mode and problems of repairing permissions in it (Panther)
Records, Linux on G5, multiple OS
Word save failure and open files
MTBF is not a useful guide to hard disk life
OS X Server uptime, v Windows US ATC failure
Opener script malware; security FUD (vol 21 no 01)
Bottlenecks, Sony new HD DV cameras and 1080p problems
Eye resolution, raw camera files & new Adobe format, QuickTime low quality default play
Failure risk, RAID, hardware redundancy
Barcode scanning with iSight into Delicious Library, DVD resolution and high def movies, DRM problems
Locked door, security from hardware firewall, same risk as commercial, HenWen for NIDS
Mac mini limitations as server, clusters, The Straight Story
Perversion of law (DPA 98), spyware and apps that contact home, Little Snitch
Sony Walkman Pro, Robert Fox, Edirol R-1, portable audio recording
Eadweard Muybridge, movies in time and motion, manipulating content, digital compositing, rotoscoping, roto
Changed school hols, Calendrica, calendar, Mathematica
Early adopters, when and how to upgrade to Tiger
Dr Strangelove, access, permissions, ACLs, and in client
Panaceas, rebuilding desktop, repairing permissions, AppleJack
Self-referential movies (Hiroshima mon Amour, The Player), elegant simplicity, downloadable graph paper, Delicious Library
Gordon Willis, Godfather, Intel speculation errors, D2Hs and high def movies, H.264 performance, ? to Intel silicon
DVD Studio Pro 4 and DVD Player for HD DVD on standard media, need for oomph, possible reason for Intel
Power of OS X, DPA98, anonymisation, one-way hash keys, SHA-1
Red Dust, sleep problems, UPS
New Sony HDVD camera, putting together HD, unable to hack files for HD950, awaiting HD945, HDMI cable scam
iCal, problems sharing
Patents, codecs, MPEG-2 and H.264
Anti-virus, pre-Christmas preparations, Tiger upgrade
Z88, PDAs, Newton, eMate, OQO and Dana
MIT, AI, Bayesian learning in spam filters, Bob as disaster, CS3, need for intelligent interfaces
Car diagnostics, sleep problems, disk image and DVD mounting problems (vol 22 no 01)
Nice, round-robin multitasking, renicing, Max
Temperature, Xbox 360, Crays, portables, and limiting processor power
Fickle software reviewers, Aperture, my photo workflow and website
Barry Salt, Run Lola Run, Toki Shot, shot analysis of movies
Markup languages, XML, successor to iWeb and FrameMaker
Ham radio, communications, literacy, word-counts, Word Flesch bug
Corporate governance, making bug lists public, Poser genital bug
Lemmings, herd instinct, stockmarket, Trojans, execution double-click v open in app
Comics v movies, Comic Life, Wacom costs, electronic sketching tablet
Comics v movies 2, Manga Studio, Painter, Photoshop
Animal senses, Scott Byer, Photoshop, Xcode, Intel support, investment in upgrades
Names, identity theft, satellite -> ADSL swap, Demon, BT and email addresses
iMovie, iDVD problems with Lawrence overnight DVD, David Hardy bug in audio, intermediate suite, award idea
Tablet PC and woes with HP, poor sales
Akihabara, Blu-ray and HD-DVD slow to mark, retailers as key
Models, miniature, OS scalability and OS X, intermediates between iPod and MacBook
Free satellite, Dreambox 500-S, Enigma, streaming apps
Myth about many Inuit words for snow, Finder file type recognition, iDVD 2 Projects for AU components, need to simplify
Primum non nocere, Copenhagen NUM disaster, anti-virus do no harm, not obtrusive, measurable protection against definable risks
Airport security, scare, Black Hat, Maynor & Ellch, recommend removal/turn off 802.11 pro tem
Fully-rigged ships, no photogrammetry sw, elaborate path from Blender via NURBS to Hexagon to build hull of ship, l’Aurore model
Enron, iSoft, NHS IT, open source, Apple, open government
Commonest q security, confusion with all experts, once locked down what need, privacy for screen contents
Apple and change, switch to Intel v impressive, but Maynor & Ellch more murky, story, Bluetooth vul on Dells etc.
January, Falklands 25, Vista v Leopard, Blu-ray v HD-DVD, Office and CS3 on Intel, absent friends, Tony Tyler (vol 23 no 01)
Microeconomics of spread cost, spam, image spam, need for well funded international effort
Collapse of science teaching, scientific ignorance, wireless networking health/safety concerns
Blind trust in security experts, fall of old professions, .dmg bug becoming security threat via bogus proof of concept, smoke and mirrors
Smalltalk, Rebol, failure of languages to address problems, obfuscated C
HD DVD here, Toshiba player, reading red laser disks, Microsoft iHD whether DVD Studio Pro supports HD DVD
Unabomber, Month of Apple Bugs
Dr John Reid, email addresses of pds, computer ignorance, laptop encrypted disks, theft prevention
UK US presidency, E-petitions, bad sampling of Internet polls and MacBook reliability figures
The Conformist, DRM against culture
Pattern recognition, human v computer, Apple/Vista ads, pushing blame onto user, empowerment in security
John Graham, Lisp, ATG East, Coral/Mac CL, Dylan, Newton, Harlequin, back to LispWorks, Lynch’s Mulholland Drive
Neanderthal behaviour, blogging and other death threats, codes of conduct, bullying, action all
Survival priorities, importance, in file systems, difference from permissions
Failing DVD drives in G4, G5, firmware uppdates failing, replacing with commodity drives
Steganography, hidden yellow dots in printer output, hidden content in Word docs, less glamorous than cryptography
Beowulf, electronic publishing, library of Alexandria, Internet Archive, National Media Archive, need for selective Internet library (vol 23 no 17)


DNS (vol 21 no 23), featured products: Men & Mice Suite
Authentication & Access Control, featured products: Passenger
Network Performance (vol 22 no 01)
Disk Images, featured products: Radmin, CCC
Contingency Planning, featured products: OS X Server failover; Xserve RAID; offsite storage
Periodic Tasks, featured products: Cronnix, MacAT, Cocktail, Launchd Editor, Lingon
Who needs OS X Server? Server substitutes, featured products: Webmin, iTools
Home Folder Location, featured products:
Log Files, featured products: HenWen, radmind, checkSum+
Firewalls - selection and operation, featured products:
Upgrades and Upgrade Server, featured products:
Proxy servers, featured products: Squid, SquidMan
The Fight Against Spam, featured products: Post.Office, Kerio MailServer, Communigate Pro
Network Search, featured products: Google Mini, Searchlight, DEVONthink Pro, FoxTrot
Permissions & ACLs, featured products: TinkerTool System
Time, NTP, featured products:
Root Cause Analysis, Failure Mode Analysis, featured products: OmniGraffle Pro, (ConceptDraw)
Monitoring Quality of Services, featured products: Nagios, InterMapper, SNMP, OpenNMS, ntop
Middleware, featured products: OpenLink Virtuoso, Shibboleth, JBoss, Zope
Developing Security Policy, featured products: Sawmill, HenWen, ntop
Data Recovery, featured products: VirtualLab, DataRescue II, FileSalvage & OfficeSalvage, MacForensicsLab, BlackBag Mac Forensic Suite, DiskJockey
Preparing for Leopard - iCal server, featured products: Bedework, Cosmo, Thunderbird/Lightning, Chandler
Wiki servers, featured products: VoodooPad Pro, SnipSnap; mentions for GroupVille, ProjectForum, Atlassian Confluence
Developing a Backup Policy, featured products: Super Duper, BRU Server, AMANDA
Ultimate Audit with CC - using Common Criteria Tools for auditing, featured products: Common Criteria Tools, audit
Managing User Environments, featured products: Centrify’s DirectControl
Managing Networks Proactively not Reactively, featured products: Granite SMARTVue, HELIOS LanTest
Choosing Disk Formats, File Systems, and Access Protocols (vol 23 no 01), featured products: Netatalk, BlazeFS, Samba, Sharity, NFS Manager
XML Database Servers, featured products: GemFire, dbXML, Xindice, ozone, X-Hive/DB, XStreamDB, Berkeley DB XML, eXist, oXygen XML editor
Two Macs & A Server? - server, esp filesharing, for small networks, featured products: SharePoints, Kenbushi Lite
Streaming Media Servers, featured products: QTSS, various other platforms, VLC, QT Broadcaster
Web Vulnerabilities, featured products: Nessus, Burp Suite, Paros, WebScarab et al.
Help, I’ve Been Compromised!, featured products: HenWen, LogMaster
Work to Rule - the law, overview, featured products: tax self assessment
Reacting to Security Advisories - what to do, featured products: none
Selecting & Using Hard Disks, featured products: Drive Genius, DiskWarrior, SMART tools
Search Engine Optimisation, featured products: Google Toolbar
Spotlight on Metadata, featured products: File Sleuth, SpotMeta, Punakea, Default Folder X, Spotlaser, Desk Lamp, Quicksilver, SpotlightFS, Nucle
Monitoring Email, featured products: Quest Archive Manager, MessageSolution, MPP, Entourage Email Archive X, Mail Archiver X, MailSteward, CommuniGate Pro, Kerio MailServer, Post.Office, Zimbra Regular Expressions, featured products: RegExpress, RegExplorer, RegeX, Textreme, Le Decroiseur
High Speed Data Interfaces, featured products: HighPoint and other eSATA cards etc.
Wireless Security, featured products: Apple AirPort Extreme, Elektron
Version Management Systems (linked to importance), featured products: Adobe CS3 Bridge & Version Cue, Versomatic, Subversion, CVS, LibreSource, Perforce, Surround SCM, QVCS, MediaBeacon R3volution, Pound Hill MetaGrove
IPv6 (vol 23 no 17), featured products: Mac OS X 10.4, AirPort Extreme base station


Further details are at MacUser.

   © 2007 EHN & DIJ Oakley.